The word bracelet originates from the Latin ’brachile’ which means ’of the arm’. For thousands of years bracelets have been used to serve religious and sprititual interests and in modern society bracelets have become a big part of taking a stand for something you believe in and want to support.

Our statement bracelet collection is designed for both men and women. Its simplicity and clean lines, combined with genuine high quality braided leather, make it a classy yet bold piece that can spice up any outfit. Perfect to wear with other accessories or as a statement piece on its own.

Since we’d like the bracelet to fit perfectly, please measure your wrist size and compare to our size chart.

We believe that everybody can do something. For every bracelet sold we donate 10 % of the profit to charitable organization.

We are currently donating water cans through UNCHR to help refugees in countries affected by war.

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