We are a team of Swedish entrepreneurs and designers who began our  journey with the ambition to create a new type of fashion brand but at the same time try to make a difference.

Fred isn’t a person but the Swedish word for peace and Patrone isn’t a last name but we made it one since the Swedish word for bullet is ‘patron’.

At Fred Patrone we believe that fashion can address and change the fundamental mentality of how people acknowledge world issues.

We want to change the perception of what a bullet represents and create awareness by creating wearable products. This small but yet so powerful object stands for so many things that we do not support in the world.

We are not a charitable organization but we believe that everybody can do someting. Our promise is to always give 10 % of the profits earned straight to charity.

 We are currently donating water cans through UNCHR to help refugees in countries affected by war.

Creating peace might be a little bit too optimistic but we can however make an effort and aim for change.

Let’s make a change, one bullet at a time.